Paragas der/die Verrückte

Paragas der/die Verrückte


Ort (PC Cafe) Vertrautenlaboratorium, Tritael-Kluft
Stufe Heroisch
Familiar type Verteidigung
Talentekraft 380
Maximales Level 40


Physical critical damage min 41 ~ 72
Physical critical damage max 117 ~ 138
Alle Statuswerte min 10 ~ 16
Alle Statuswerte max 21 ~ 27


Paragas der/die Verrückte 1
Paragas der/die Verrückte 2

What you need to tame this familiar


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 40
Health 1620 5130
Stamina 2001 5768
DPS 201 669
Defense 331 963
Altitude 0 0
Speed 6.5 6.5
Attack speed 2 2


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 40
Health 1620 5130
Stamina 2001 5768
DPS 201 669
Defense 331 963
Altitude 950 950
Speed 10.0 10.0
Attack speed 2 2

Familiar skills

Image Title Description
Hitzkopf Hitzkopf Spuckt Flammen auf einen Gegner und verursacht 30-40 zusätzlichen Feuerschaden
Mystische Abwehrkraft Mystische Abwehrkraft Mythische Gefährten können den Umgebungs-Statuseffekten aller Regionen widerstehen
Mächtige Seele Mächtige Seele Verbessert Angriffskraft
Drachenschuppen Drachenschuppen Erhöht die Verteidigung
Drachenbrüllen Drachenbrüllen Das mächtige Brüllen des Drachen erhöht die kritischer Trefferrate
Magma-Atem Magma-Atem Atmet Magma auf den Gegner


Map Shrine of the Eclipse
Source From Bynder's "Between Communion and Dominion"
Description Paragas was once right-hand to Karasha, the leader of the Tempest Dragons. However, upon their invasion of the Tritael Rift, Paragas fled his former comrades and disappeared. The history suggests that he left to perform a special assignment for his lord, but he has been known to fight his own kind. Whether his mind was lost to the rift or if he has change allegiances is unknown. While his motives may be unclear, many adventurers have seen this as an opportunity to tame the great dragon. Doing so would require a mark of great power. I can only assume that the power of its former master, Karasha, would be required to exert your influence over such a depraved mind.
Avatar Location Paragas der/die Verrückte - Riders of Icarus Location of Paragas der/die Verrückte - Riders of Icarus

How to tame Paragas the Mad

Paragas the mad is location in the Ellora's Perch at approximately 250-320m altitude in Tritael Rift, to tame him you will need to have 40 taming points and Paragas the Mad Mark which you can either buy from Auctioneer or craft one: - You can actually get recipe for Mark as a drop from Paragas himself or buy it from Auction;
- Tame and seal 3 Black Dragon Balark or buy them from Auction;
- Tame and seal 3 Straiga or buy them from Auction;
- Tame and seal 2 Gilded Benthic or buy them from Auction;
- Buy or farm 100 Familiar Orb;
- Buy 100 Elite Taming Potion;

After that all you need to do is lower his hp to about 2-10% and tame this heroic familiar!