Goldschwinge Abras

Goldschwinge Abras


Ort Tritael-Kluft
Stufe Elite
Familiar type Verteidigung
Talentekraft 190
Maximales Level 40


Physisch-kritische Trefferrate min 1%
Physisch-kritische Trefferrate max 1,93%
Dexterity min 2 ~ 3
Dexterity max 6 ~ 7


Goldschwinge Abras 1
Goldschwinge Abras 2

What you need to tame this familiar

Bändigungspunkte 15

It can be sealed into item


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 40
Health 900 4410
Stamina 1090 3143
DPS 37 201
Defense 302 1250
Altitude 0 0
Speed 8.0 8.0
Attack speed 2 2


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 40
Health 900 4410
Stamina 1090 3143
DPS 37 201
Defense 302 1250
Altitude 800 800
Speed 9.0 9.0
Attack speed 2 2

Familiar skills

Image Title Description
Raubvogel Raubvogel Erhöht Angriff
Resonanz-Widerstand Resonanz-Widerstand Widersteht dem Effekt der Resonanz der Tritael-Kluft
Nur Kreaturen, die in der Kluft zu Hause sind, haben diese Fähigkeit


Map High Peak Camp
Source From Robinson's survey of the Breach
Description Abras is another product of the unique clash between divine powers in the Breach. The golden energy Abras creates with each beat of its wings is similar to Elloras power. Nicknamed Elloras Hawk, Abras is the subject of intense study. The mark to tame it is created through barder crafting using elements from Nivah and Windrunner. Tumba of the Fallen Legion has experience making such marks.
Avatar Location Goldschwinge Abras - Riders of Icarus Location of Goldschwinge Abras - Riders of Icarus

How to tame Golden Wings Abras

To tame Golden Wings Abras you will need Golden Wings Abras Mark which you can get either by buying it from Auctioneer or by crafting one (you can get recipe for it from Chaotic Devil Army Tumba) after that you can just go West from the High Peak Camp in Tritael Rift and tame one.