What you need to know about Taming

Taming Requirements

There are 3 main requirements to tame ANY familiar in Riders of Icarus:
1)Taming Points - each needs its own amount, for example, Elite Al-Shai requires 15 taming points, or Heroic Agnas The Red needs 40.
2)Taming Mark or unique item - some of the elite familiars and all heroic and legendary ones require some item to tame them like Dragon Emblem for taming Agnas The Red.
3)HP decrease - all heroic and legendary familiars have to be damaged enough for taming to be available(about 2-10% of hp has to be left)

Types of Familiars

There are 2 main types:
1)Flying familiars
2)Ground familiars

And there are 4 grades of those familiars:


In this short video you can look up how to tame all kinds of familiars and how its done.

Taming Tips

  • You can get additional chance to press button if you start taming process by jumping mount without scaring it or getting any agro(for aggresive ones).
    To do this I reccomend you fly above groud types and jump on it without it noticing you.
    For aggro familiars its much more trickier especially considering there are quite a few flying ones and those in dungeons, but you can get this bonus button, you will need to reset mount and while its running back to its spot go ahead and jump it while its running past you.
  • It is believed that lowering familiar's hp increases chance of successful taming, not only when it is a requirement but always, and the less hp familiar will have upon taming the better.
  • You can have extra 100-150 taming points each day for free with two daily achievements: Familiar Friendly(all you need to do is tame some low level common familiar so you have almost 100% success) and Unlucky Tamer(for this I reccomend trying to tame high lvl elite familiar with as much hp as possible and purposly misplace buttons to have as much Fail as you can get).