Master of Fury

Berserkers wade into battle with little concern for thier own lives, building rage with each blow they take to unleash devastating chains of attacks on anything within striking distance. Difficulty: Easy
If you don't want to run around like assassin, or tank doing little damage like guardian, but still want to engage your enemies face to face, then Berserker is class for you! He takes all his adversaries face to face and deals them great damage!


Talens of berserker will allow you to choose what you want to impove in your character, so read carefully what each talent improves.

Skills that could be Charged

Some skills of berserker could be charged that will not only make them more deadly it will also trigger passive skill Unending Courage that grants you 4% physical attach increase for each fully charged skill(can be stacked up to 5 times). Right now(11.2016) there are 3 charging skills:
Rising Cutter
Gust Cut
Thunderous Kick

Close-in Skills

There are few skills that berserker can use to close-in on his enemies, be careful though as these skills have different range and some of them require rage to use:
Fury thrust
Leaping Slash
Shoulder Charge